5 Tips on Improving Your Recycling Habits

Michael Laine |

Recycling may improve the future for the next generation. While you may know the importance of recycling, it may be hard to get started and even harder to stay on track. Here are a few simple tips that may help improve your recycling habits and make the task a little simpler.

1. Know What Items Are Recyclable

Most people know the basics of recycling cans, paper, and plastics. Knowing the specific guidelines for your location and the available recycling centers may help you better understand what you need to keep separated for recycling and what may need to go into the trash.

2. Keep Your Recycling Bins Accessible

If you want to keep up with a recycling habit, the easier you make the task may help you to be able to stick with it. Instead of leaving your recycling bins outside, consider keeping them in your home in an area you frequently have trash to sort for recycling, such as the kitchen or bathroom. The less effort you have to put in, the less like a chore it may feel.

3. Think Outside the Box

Think of other ways not to create trash that are out of the norm. Choose paperless billing and to receive digital communications. Instead of throwing out your old clothes, donate them so that someone else may give them a new life. This effort may get as much use out of them as possible.

4. Make Recycling Potential Part of Your Decisions

You should not just think about recycling the items you buy but also look out for recycled products and recycling potential when you purchase products. Look for things that use recycled packaging or have packaging that you could easily reuse or recycle, like a corrugated box. If you buy an item that is likely to wear out over time, such as electronics, look for things that contain parts, which are easier to recycle.

5. Analyze Your Waste

It is important to take a hard look at the amount of and what type of trash is leaving your home so that you may better determine ways to improve your recycling. Conduct an audit where you create categories of waste and determine how much of each type makes its way to the landfill each week. If you are throwing out a lot of food, consider rethinking your shopping or try composting.

Try these tips to potentially improving your recycling as part of your conservation efforts.

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