5 Retro US Tourist Destinations

Michael Laine |

Take a trip down memory lane for a visit at these historic American travel hot spots!


Santa Fe, New Mexico

As one of the oldest cities in America, early Native American settlers began living in the area around Santa Fe as early as 900. The city is known for its incredible architecture and art, including the San Miguel Mission, which was originally built in 1610.

Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Lighthouses have a fascinating role in America, and if you want to catch a glimpse of the oldest, pay a visit to the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, built in 1764. You can also explore some of the town’s 18th Century maritime history.

Williamsburg, Virginia

The town of Williamsburg is one of the most famous living history sites in the country, serving as a moniker of American life during the Revolutionary period. Everything from the buildings to the residents have adopted 18th Century life.

Sharpsville, Indiana

For a trip back to 1950s America you have to visit Sharpsville, where resident Jim Richardson built his own small town, complete with a genuine old-time diner, movie marquee, gas station, and 1950s-style cars.

Green Bank, West Virginia

Say goodbye to technology in this West Virginia town, which is home to one of the largest radio telescopes in the country. The telescope means no wireless signals allowed, so residents have to live without cellphones Wi-Fi, and even microwaves.




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