Consumer Inflation Growth In Holding Pattern

Consumer inflationary pressures grew at a moderate rate in January 2020.

Tax Planning Tips: Auto Insurance

It's no secret that auto insurance can safeguard your assets and provide you with peace of mind. But did you know that auto insurance may also benefit you at tax time? Certain insurance-related costs can be deducted on your individual federal income tax return. You'll need to know what can be deducted, and how insurance reimbursements can affect those deductions.

Tax Planning for Annuities

Favorable tax treatment is one of the main reasons for buying an annuity. But what exactly are the tax benefits? And are there any drawbacks? It's important to know the answers to these questions before deciding whether to purchase an annuity.

Another Look At Election Years

Last week in our LPL Research blog, we took a closer look at how stocks have performed during an election year. We found that since 1940, the S&P 500 Index hasn’t been lower during an election year when an incumbent president has been up for reelection.

Healthy But Manageable Consumer Inflation

Consumer inflationary pressures grew at a healthy, but manageable rate in December 2019.

Avoid These Financial Traps -- They May Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

Money. It's hard to get and easy to lose. It doesn't take long for the wealth you've accumulated to disappear if you don't manage your money well or have a plan to protect your assets from sudden calamity.

Snares like the ones mentioned below could easily threaten your financial security. Planning ahead can protect you and your loved ones from getting caught.

Six Ways a Budget Can Help Boost Savings

At some point in your life, you probably have heard about the importance of developing a budget. But, why is a budget so important? Perhaps you simply spend what you must and save whatever’s left over. Or, perhaps you spend all you have and borrow or charge anything else that you need.

Don’t Fear the Repo

The fourth quarter is winding down, and investors are getting nervous that volatility in the short-term lending market could flare up once again.

Five Money Rules to Live By

It’s not simply a matter of working harder; it’s much more about using your non-financial skills and talents in new ways to bring you prosperity and a greater sense of personal satisfaction. Here are five tips to follow when seeking balance in your finances.

Does Your Portfolio Reflect Your Risk Tolerance?

When it comes to investing, many people associate risk with losing money. But investing entails different types of risk. Understanding each type -- and the potential return associated with your retirement portfolio -- can help you determine whether your investments are appropriate for your situation.

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